Whitby@Home 2021

We can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since the last Whitby@Home. Of course we were looking forward to being able to go to Whitby Folk Week in person – but alas. Another year online it is! We have a packed schedule! So where can you find us?

Saturday 21st August
8pm-9pm – Welcome Ceilidh in Zoom caller Bob Morgan
Entry is by donation and you can register to get the link here.
If you want to play along we have published the tune list on Vicki’s teaching website.

Tramadol Overnight Delivery Mastercard Sunday 22nd August
Tramadol Buy Online Cheap 3pm-4pmYouTube concert with Jim Mageean & Graeme Knights. MC Derek Schofield
This is a pre-recorded YouTube concert and will be available after the event, but if you want to come along at the time that would be brilliant. Due to the wonders of  the internet, Vicki will actually be doing some recording work for a secret project at the time!

Tuesday 24th August
https://www.ladyteal.co.uk/8v40xpwbyby 8am-8.20am  – A Musical Warmup on Youtube with Vicki & Vicki
You’ll need either a beanbag, or balled up socks and a bouncy ball! (But not lycra!)

https://www.globalpsports.com/eh6bifacer Wednesday 25th August
https://iqfixed.com/2022/07/05/qte216s44y 2pm-3pmNyckelharpa Swedish Tunes Workshop for any instrument, Zoom
It’s a nyckelharpa workshop – but the tunes chosen will be suitable for instruments such as the  simple system wooden flute or D/G melodeon. A pdf of the tunes is available from Vicki’s teaching site.

https://www.ievolve.org/46rlrfpd3 Thursday 26th August
https://jmeinsurance.com/eljzl2dzz 8am-8.30amA Nyckelharpa Warm Up on YouTube with Vicki
You’ll need an instrument for this one. Done with the nyckelharpa – but suitable for any instrument!

https://www.ievolve.org/pyj7m6j2avp 12pm-1pm Contra Tunes in Zoom with Vicki & Jonny in Zoom
Listed as a nyckelharpa workshop, there will be nyckelharpa goodness – but it’s suitable for any vaguely chromatic instrument. (ie there is a good chance of Bbs and F naturals). A pdf of the tunes is available from Vicki’s teaching site.

We hope to see you sometime in the week!
Vicki & Jonny

August News

It’s August! This is getting to be a bit of a theme. The months seem to go past very quickly these days. We had expected a quieter July and August, but it’s not turned out that way. A few things have come our way, some we can talk about and some not! We have a few Zoom dances this month.
Symmetry, Atlanta and Whitby@Home. We love all the Zoom dances – so do come along as always we will upload the dots to the tunes that we’ll be playing!
03.08.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
09.08.21 – Atlanta Distdance Zoom Dance (midnight UK time)
21.08.21 – Whitby @ Home Folk Week – Opening Zoom ceilidh
22.08.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)

We have already pre-recorded our Zoom concert for Whitby@Home which will be aired at some point in the week. Vicki is doing a nyckelharpa concert and is going to be filming a couple of warmup videos to give your brain a musical workout. (Don’t worry – she won’t be wearing lycra for them!) We always love working with Bob Morgan for dances, Zoom or in person! We’ve now had two in person dances and they were such fun to play for!

At the last minute we are stepping in to help two colleagues and donning our medieval costumes and heading down to Dover Castle for two days over the 14th and 15th. So if you’re looking for a grand day out and find yourselves in the South East – come on down and make sure you say hello!

At the same time we’ve been fitting in recording work. We’ve recorded some special tracks for a week of CDSS choreography workshops with Scott Higgs. We’re hoping we’ll get to see the outcome of these workshops! All other recording work is strictly under wraps – but we’ll give information on that in the fullness of time!

We hope you’re all staying safe and well and hope that the trend of face to face starting up again continues!
See you all soon!
Vicki & Jonny

It’s July!

It’s July and time for me to write a new update! Time is flying – I always mean to do this at the start of the month. July started off in a frantic last minute fashion! Vicki went off to Warwick Castle for a banquet whilst Jonny went down to Halsway Manor to teach accordion. At the same time Vicki became involved in a project, details of which will come out in due course – but it has meant that our plans for a Zoom gig have been put on hold for a little while. We’re aware we’ve done a lot of dancing the last twelve months and we want to do another concert of our own. It’s coming though!

Our focus for the next week is playing for the Valhalla Viking Festival down in Basingstoke. We’re looking forward to it and we’re busy learning a few new songs that we think will go down really well! We’ll keep them under our hats until the weekend. We’re taking our covid precautions very seriously (in part due to Vicki’s ongoing work). So we will continue to be masked and distanced for the foreseeable.

So where can you see us?
06.07.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
13.07.21 – Quarter Acoustic Music Club – in Zoom
16-18.07.21 – Valhalla Viking Festival – Basingstoke
18.07.21 – Vicki & Jonny’s YouTube Session
25.07.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
26.07.21 – Zoom Dance in the USA (details tbc, midnight UK time)
31.07.21 – Vicki & Jonny’s YouTube Session

Hope to see you either online or maybe in Valhalla!
Vicki & Jonny


How did we get to June 2021?? The summer seems to be here and we can now working the summer garden office  – a permanent gazebo we installed last autumn. It seems to have taken a very long time to get to the point where it is warm enough to work in here! So it’s June! What have we got on this month? Quite a bit it turns out!

http://livinginmalta.com/uncategorized/qlq28hlo Vicki & Jonny’s Session from Studio 2 – Sunday 6th & 20th June
As part of Vicki’s new teaching website we premier a short session every fortnight for people to play along to. The dots are downloadable and there are lessons going through each tune. You have to be a subscriber to access the lessons. (At some point Vicki will officially launch this website!) The session on the 6th is slow airs, we have’t decided what it’s going to be on the 20th yet.

Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery Symmetry ECD Zoom Dance – 10th, 13th and 29th June
We have three Symmetry Zoom dances this month. We love these dances and they’ve kept us going in these difficult times! If you like to play-along Vicki publishes the music on her website.

https://kellyhoschphotography.com/2022/07/05/66fum0z Friday Night Dancers (contra) – 11th June midnight!!!
We’re playing in Echo Falls, Maryland. It’s late!! Pretty much Saturday morning, but come along in Zoom anyway!

Wimborne Virtual Folk Festival Festival – 12th June
This is taking place using Streamyard and will be streamed into FaceBook and YouTube – so check out their website to see how to find the stream! We’re also premiering a mosaic dance that we’ve put together with Bob Morgan especially for the event! As a loyal reader of our news entries we’ve included a little preview of the dance at the bottom of this page. the real thing will have a walk through and lots more dancers, but this shows the fun we had making the video!

Zoom Dance with Madeleine Smith – 17th June
We’re providing the live music for Madeleine Smith in Zoom on the 17th. Get in touch for details of the link!

We hope to see you virtually at one of these events despite the summer being here!
lots of love
Vicki & Jonny

Lockdown Easing – What next?

It’s mid-May and we can’t believe how fast time is flying! Our lounge was moved into the dining room permanently exactly a year ago now! This gave us a permanent streaming studio in the lounge, since then we also have a second space which is streaming and a third teaching space in the spare room. So now that lockdown is easing – what does that mean for our tech-heavy house? In reality not much has changed as the restrictions have been eased. We’re still losing dates in the diary and we’re still doing the online streams. We can’t see this changing for at least the next few months. We will be putting our own livestream concert in the diary for next month – with all the online dances we’ve been very neglectful of our non-dance audience! We’ll rectify that very soon – watch this space. In the meantime….

https://lbaorg.com/s9t6854 Wednesday 19th May
Smörgåsballad – Songs and Tales of the Land of the Midnight Sun
a Hybrid event at Benslow Music
Concert starts at 8pm – it would be great to see you in person or online! We’ll set up a chat thread in FaceBook so you can reach us! If you’d like to play along you can grab the dots here!

Sunday 23rd May
Vicki has created a new nyckelharpa teaching website and we release a session video every fortnight. This Sunday is the fifth session and is Swedish tunes from Smörgåsballad. Because it’s on YouTube you can watch at the premier or any time afterwards – full details in the VMR (as Vicki likes to call it). The video is embedded below!

https://lembonganisland.com/xgyf52nq130 Tuesday 25th May
We’ve been working hard in the Zoom dance scene over the past 5 months and we have another dance on the 25th. We always publish the tune list so if you want to play along you can! We don’t always get the dance list very early, so the pad can go up very late, but if you get in touch we can make sure to email it!

Hope to see you at one of these!
Lots of Love
Vicki & Jonny

Wimborne Mosaic Dance – The Quixo Reel

We present to you the Quixo Reel! Created for our concert slot at the Virtual Wimborne Minster Folk Festival. We enlisted the expert services of caller Bob Morgan who made a  simple Zoom-ified version of the OXO reel which Bob has called the Quixo Reel. We had such fun that we decided we should dance too and made our own little video!

Online Tramadol Overnight Delivery These were the instructions:

Step One: Learn The Dance
We went into Zoom and created a guide video that teaches the dance. The guide video gives you two walk throughs and then the dance with music.

Step Two: Film Yourself doing the dance. 
You can use your phone to video yourself, or a camera or you can use Zoom to capture your dancing. If you’re really up for taking part but can’t figure out how to get the files to us drop us a line and we can meet in Zoom and we will take care of everything! Below is a video of just the dance (with calling and a little bit of time before we start playing so you can hit play!)

Alternative Step Two: using Zoom to film
You can actually film yourself using Zoom. The quality isn’t brilliant – but if it’s all you have, then it’s absolutely fine! I’ve made a guide to show you how to do this and how easy it is. Don’t worry about editing, I’ll take care of all of that!

What a March and onto April!

What a March that was! We had so many dances and had so much fun that I totally forgot to write a blog entry! So I’d better make up for it and do April right now! It’s pretty much wall to wall dances until we get to 25th April, which is World Nyckelharpa Day. We’re still making our plans for that, so keep an eye on our FaceBook page for details!
Vicki & Jonny

01.04.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (midnight UK time)
02.04.21 – Atlanta Distdance (00:30 UK time on the 3rd April!)
06.04.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
13.04.21 –  Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
17.04.21 – Oxfolk Ceilidh for Folk Weekend Oxford
18.04.21 – Nottingham Playford Ball in Zoom
24.04.21 – NBCDS Waltz Party in Zoom – (3am on the 25th!)
25.04.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)

February 2021 update

Wow – that was a fun January! We had expected to be sleeping and catching up a little with ourselves after a frantic December. That definitely wasn’t the case. So we’re going to try to take it easy in February. That’s not to say we have no work! Mostly for the next four weeks it’s all about the dance! We’re really looking forward to all of them! We’re doing contra, Social Dance (ECD for the Americans) and Playford! These are the dates!

05.02.21 –Virtual Alcester Contra– Zoom Dance
09.02.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
13.02.21 – Flurry Festival  – Contra Zoom Dance (7:15pm UK time)
20.02.21 – IVFDF – Playford Dance Zoom Dance
21.02.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
27.02.21 – Chester Folk Day – Zoom Gig

Vicki is also right in the middle of planning World Nyckelharpa Day, spa watch this space on that. We’re still watching our face to face work dribble out of the diary and we’re a little too scared to start putting any in. So we’ll be working from our streaming spaces for a while yet. We now have two streaming spaces. You can just about tell them apart from the screen by the floor colour! February will be from Studio2 – whilst Vicki is filming in Studio1 for WND!

Keep safe out there and we look forward to being able to see everyone again in flesh sometime this year!
Vicki & Jonny

Happy New Year

Hello everyone!
After a frantic December filled with Christmas Zoom gigs we thought we’d have a bit of a rest in January.  This however hasn’t turned out to be the case! Having played for the Sea to Sea event on New Years Eve we’ve got a couple of last minute dances in the diary for next week. So if you’re an insomniac and fancy joining us in Atlanta, we’d love to see you! Half past midnight in the wee hours of Tuesday morning until 2am. If that’s too early we’re back in the USA on Tuesday at 7pm for their afternoon. We’re really looking forward to it!

We thought we should also mark the Burns Supper in Zoom. So we’ve asked the wonderful Hector Gilchrist to join us (virtually). We’ll have all the usual trimmings for a Burns supper – but if you’d actually like to have haggis, you’ll have to provide your own. Sunday 24th January at 7:30pm. Tickets are available now!

You can also catch us at Folk at the Drum and the Harwich Festival of the Arts this month. We can sleep in February. 🙂 Or can we….

Next Online Events:
Wee hours of 12.01.21 – Atlanta DistDance
(00:30 UK time – This is technically Tuesday morning, but before we go to bed on Monday night!)
12.01.21 – U3A – Zoom (10am)
12.01.21 – Symmetry ECD dance – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
14.01.21 – Folk at the DrumZoom Gig
24.01.21 – Burns Supper –  Zoom Gig
28.01.21Harwich Festival of the Arts – FB Live

Christmas Zoom Tour!

We’re on tour this month doing Christmas! Three different shows!

Midwinter Warmer  – Thursday 17th December – 7:30pm in Zoom
Tickets £8/£12 (single or multi-household, or can/can’t afford a lot)
Buy tickets for Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Come with us on a journey starting at All Souls in November with spooky songs, head into the dark longest night and meet the Lussekärringe and hear about Lucia. We go to Norway and party with Olaf like it’s the year 999. We find out if the Swedish Christmas goat, the Julbok survives without being set alight and finally January sees us Wassailing and heading off for Carnival. Of course – we’ll sing some favourite carols too!

Vicki & Jonny’s Christmas Pick-n-Mix -Sunday 20th December – 8:00pm in Zoom
Tickets £8/£12 (single or multi-household, or can/can’t afford a lot)
Buy tickets for Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
Our Pick-n-Mix Christmas show – you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get at this show, folk, christmas, music hall, stories, tunes, classical … But we can guarantee you some sing-along Christmas carols, some seasonal offerings and some of our favourite things. This year – we’re selecting the set list using an actual Pick-n-Mix!

Vicki & Jonny’s Christmas Carol Concert – Tuesday 22nd December
in Zoom
Tickets £8/£12 (single or multi-household, or can/can’t afford a lot)
Buy tickets for Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
We love to play and sing Christmas Carols! So join us in Zoom for a sing-a-long carol concert. Buy your ticket from the box office below and vote for your favourite carol right now! These carols are currently voted in:
• Silent Night
• Deck the Halls
• I Saw Three Ships
• The Holly and The Ivy
• Oh Come All Ye Faithful

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