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About Fikavalsen

In Swedish ‘fika’ is to have a cup of strong coffee with a cinnamon (or any kind of) bun. As often as possible. It is a Swedish institution to stop for fika. Swedes drink really strong coffee. This waltz was written to be calming when you’ve had too much caffeine.

Back in September 2016 Jonny and I were called in to take part in some filming for the BBC. We ended up using this tune for one of the themes. We got home and re-recorded it (it’s on Gleowien, which is now sold out) and we’ve released it in readiness for January 3rd. Once the episode has aired we’ll add to this page! In the meantime we’re keeping very quiet, except for the music! Enjoy that and watch out for it (unless it got cut!!!) January 3rd BBC1 – 8pm. (That’s a tiny hint!)

Vicki: nyckelharpa and oktav-nyckelharpa
Jonny: piano and bass

Winter Tour News and more!

It’s been a frantic autumn with Jonny performing at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in London. Thankfully the beard has now gone! Vicki has been working hard on the concept of her new nyckelharpa show (the details of which are being kept a closely guarded secret, but you can see some of the preparatory work in the youtube playlist below. (Sometimes drastic actions are required to improve your playing).lt_issue-116_front-cover-small

We are delighted to have been interview for the 116 edition of The Living Tradition Magazine over the summer and amazed and very pleased that we made the front cover! You can read the interview on the website!

This brings us up to Christmas! It’s nearly time for the Christmas tour. We love Christmas and we love our Christmas show! We’ve got two different shows this year! A Victorian Music Hall Christmas Celebration – (MH) and A Festive Pick-n-Mix – (PnM)

24.11.16 – Maidenhead Folk Club, Maidenhead
25.11.16 – Baccapipes Folk Club, Keighley – (seasonally adjusted)
30.11.16 – Haverfolk, Romford, Essex – (PnM)
03.12.16 – Gurnard Village Hall, Gurnard, Isle of Wight – (PnM)
10.12.16 – Moreton Village Hall, Shropshire – (MH)
11.12.16 – Readifolk, Reading  – (MH)
12.12.16 – Herga Folk Club, Pinner, Middlesex – (MH)
13.12.16 – Hoy at Anchor Folk Club – Leigh on Sea – (MH)
14.12.16 – Halsway Manor  – (MH)
15.12.16 – Huntingdon Hall, Worcester – (MH)
16.12.16 – Northwich Folk Club  – (MH)
17.12.16 – Kingsnorth Folk, Ashford, Kent – (MH)
18.12.16 – Granary Theatre, Wells-next-the-Sea – (PnM)
19.12.16 – Croydon Folk Club  – (MH)
20.12.16 – St Barnabas, Cressing, Essex – (PnM)
22.12.16 – Private Christmas Performance, Kendal  – (MH)

So hope to see you somewhere on the road this December – we’re covering enough miles to hopefully be able to catch everyone!
Vicki & Jonny

We’re going to The Netherlands


We had the most amazing summer! Things are calming down now, but we’re off to The Netherlands for the weekend next weekend. SO if you’re in the Hague region – come and see us!!!

07.10.16 – Trouble Tree Folk, Koudekerk aan de Rijn, Netherlands
08.10.16 – Folk in the Lounge – The Hague, The Netherland
09.10.16 – Roots aan de Zaan – Kleine Waarheid, Zaandam, Netherlands

groenlogo300We love catching the ferry to go to gigs, so it’s a lovely adventure. We’ll make sure we take lots of CDs and books with us. Come and say hello!
Vicki & Jonny

Sliptease – last ever copy!

final slipteaseHello!
We’ve had a wonderful summer so far running around the country. Sidmouth and Broadstairs were wonderful! We’ve briefly touched base for a few days and during our stock take of CDs we’ve found that this is the last ever copy of Sliptease!!

So if you’re after completing your collection – this is your last chance!

<Now sold>!!

Vicki & Jonny

Jonny – the best cowhorn player in the UK

We’ve just got back from Sweden where Jonny has been awarded the prestigious Zorn bronze award for the traditional playing of the cowhorn. . Wikipedia explains much better who, what and why we played for. So we are now both hold the bronze award. This of course is going to mean making a whole new website dedicated to the säckpipa and kohorn. Workshops will inevitably follow!

For now you can watch Jonny’s kohorn video playlist. But keep an eye open for workshops – they might even include making your own horn!
Vicki & Jonny

Paper of Pins – available now!

The day has finally arrived. Paper of Pins is released! It’s already had radio plays on 17 different stations – three of which have had the album as their album of the week.

We’ve had two reviews back, said “this is the best of Vicki and Jonny’s albums to date”. FolkWords said “‘Paper of Pins’ is quite simply a solid gold, five-star album.” As you can imagine we’re really happy!


Buy your copy of Paper of Pins now!
Paper of Pins (2016)
Price(GBP): £12.00

To celebrate launch day we went out into the garden and recorded the title track live for you!

Watch the teaser tack and other assorted videos on our playlist. This has been the most blogged about album that we’ve made so far. You can watch the video diary, the live performance of the canon. It’s a whole evenings viewing. 😀

We hope you enjoy the album as much as we have had in making it!
Vicki & Jonny

Paper of Pins Pre-orders are Open!

Friday 20th May

We are really excited to finally be able to open Paper of Pins for pre-order! Of course you’re going to want to know what’s on the album – we we made a little video teaser trailer for you! So watch the video and then pre-order and we’ll send you the album as soon as it arrives in a couple of weeks time!
Vicki & Jonny


Pre-order your copy of Paper of Pins now!
Paper of Pins (2016)
Price(GBP): £12.00


Jonny’s Canon – Full Performance

We had a really cool day on Monday. We filmed a full performance of Jonny’s Canon from the album Paper of Pins. We hope that you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed filming! If you’d like to perform Jonny’s Canon, Click Here to download the dots! Or go to Jonny’s page with lots of information on it!
Vicki & Jonny


Website Update!

6th May 2016

Hello all!
The album is off to press! So in celebration we’ve given the website its final spruce up…
Terry at One Big Idea Photography did an amazing job getting us inside the nyckelharpa!
We love the result!
Vicki & Jonny

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