A Mid-April Campaign

We’ve decided to run an experiment! We started the ball rolling on FaceBook this morning and it went a little bit like this.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.34.01So I duly shared it out to sixteen of my friends. You never know it might just work! If you’d like to join in the fun and listen to and share Twiddle On! I’ve included the spotify link for you.
Vicki & Jonny


April Already

projectsHello All!
We can’t believe it’s April already! The plan was to have a couple of small recording projects over the winter months and into spring. It’s not quite turned out that way. The new album went off to print this week and just like with Red House we’re having printed material to go with it, that also went off to print shortly after the CD. So we’re into the nail biting time of waiting to see if we’ve sent the hard copies off correctly. The official launch will be in the late autumn, but we’ll be selling it as soon as it arrives… if anyone is hardy enough to want a copy this early in the year.

Vicki has sent her 24 Swedish Tunes book off for a re-print, which is brilliant news. The second edition is updated to include articulations and will be sold with a CD. So the mp3 version will come out of the shop as soon as that is completed. Mastering is nearly finished and should be off to the printers this week. Book II in that series is well under way, but won’t be ready for a while yet. The planned launch will be September to coincide with the International Days of Nyckelharpa in Germany.

Vicki’s other major project is also coming to a finish. It’s been a long 24/7 session of creating another book and recording… more of that when the final drafts have been sent to print, we’ll just say that we’re really, really excited and honoured to be doing this book and give you a little hint.

We have a couple of gigs this month before we get into the touring season proper:
10.04.14 –  Great Bardfield Folk Club, Great Bardfield, Essex
23.04.14 – Cottingham Live, Cottingham

Hope to see you at one of them. We’ll update again very soon!
Vicki & Jonny

Time to Emerge from the cupboard

We’ve just emerged blinking and squinting into the sunlight after spending the last three weeks recording. It’s been fun, but now we’re ready to come out and play again. (Jonny hasn’t quite finished yet, I’ve locked the door and won’t let him out until he’s done!) We’ve put together a little teaser track so you can hear what we’ve been up to. (ok, so we’ve been sneaky with what is on the teaser. This album isn’t going to be released for another nine months yet.) This  album will have the first official outing for the Fnyka Ensemble, which is very exciting.

We’re off to Resonance FM for a live interview and performance tomorrow (24th January) at 2pm. So click the link and listen in! Then we’re off to The Court Sessions in SW18.

Then it’s a Burns night ceilidh, a quick trip to Sweden and back into our box again to finish anything that hasn’t quite been finished.

Then it’s an exciting troll slaying dates, including Coventry and Kettering. So pop along and see us slay some trolls!
Vicki & Jonny

Happy New Year

christmasHello all!
Happy New Year to you all. It’s been a whirl-wind December, from north to south, from the Medieval to the Victorian. We’ve carolled, played tunes and extolled the virtues of the extremely versatile new-fangled keyed-fiddle from  the Northern climes in this year dated 1876.

So 2014 – what’s happening? Well. January is quiet. Mostly we’re recording a new top secret album that won’t see the light of day until next November. An album of music that we’ve become very, very well acquainted with over the last month! I’ve got audio to record for my books, an album to record ready for the celloharpa (really called an oktavharpa) and we’ve both got rather a lot of housework to do having been away from home for so long!

Our next gigs are at the end of January and the start of February. We have a last minute booking in South London at the Court Sessions Club on the 24th January – would be great to see you there! Then on the 1st February we’re at the Folk at the Riverside in Suffolk. Vicki is doing a Swedish Tune workshop. (The nyckelharpas will more than likely be there too if you fancy a go!)

Then we’re on tour for a week with seriouskitchen. We’ve got some really exciting dates all over the country. So for everyone in York, Coventry or Kettering book your tickets now! We’re really excited about all the dates, so come along!!

8th February  –  A night of music and song with Nick Hennessey at Haslingfield, Cambs
12.02.13 – The Whispering Road at Kettering Arts Centre
13.02.13 –  The Whispering Road at The Albany Theatre, Coventry
16.02.14 – The Whispering Road at the Barley Hall, York

In the meantime – Happy New Year! We’ll see you next year!
Vicki & Jonny

P.S. We were caught on camera at Salford Quays:

December fast approaches!

It’s funny how quickly December comes round. We’re about to start the madness that is the Christmas season. We love it! You won’t find much of it on our gig list, but if you happen to spot a couple of characters around the country and think they might be familiar, you may well be right! This year we’ve got Medieval banquets, Victorian lunches, a shopping centre, a stately home, a Whispering Road (in Cardiff) and for those of you lucky enough to be close to to Baldock the chance to come and preview a new Winter Warmer show.

In the meantime – the shop is open full of CDs and books and hats and our Christmas Single – Essex Wassail is still available!

We’ll keep you updated from the road and upload a picture or two, but do come and say hello if you spot us in costume somewhere!
lots of love
Vicki & Jonny

Back Home Again

We’re now back home again safe and sound. We didn’t didn’t blow away and the house seems to have escaped unscathed. Essex did seem to get quite a battering though. After Totnes and Corsham we headed across to Halsway Manor for  Nyckelharpas at Halsway II. Twelve bright eyed and bushy tailed nyckelharpa players eagerly chomping at the bit. I had stashed four nyckelharpas ready and two more had been sent over for the workshop from Sweden. (Thank you Olle!) They survived the journey and I was really happy to be able to unite them with new owners.

I always find the sound of massed nyckelharpas amazing and we had a really good go at three of the orchestral pieces from ENCORE. The nyckelharpa is rapidly gaining popularity in this country and the weekend is going from strength to strength.  The dates are booked already for 2014 and even 2015. I’ve made a little final tour video blog of some of the musical highlights of the second week. Enjoy!
Vicki & Jonny

Day 13 – Happy Halloween!

Day 13 is upon us and it’s Halloween! Spooky stuff might happen in tonights gig, let’s hope it’s not forgotten words!

We started our travels this month in Wiltshire and popped in for coffee and lunch at Pound Arts in Corsham. It made perfect sense as we’re at The Acoustic Oak in Corsham tonight to come back for lunch again. I had the most exquisite brie and cranberry toastie, it didn’t touch the sides as it went down!

The Baring-Gould Festival in Okehampton was lovely. We didn’t get blown away in the storm, our host’s garden umbrella was still standing the following morning. We have had reports from home though that we have lost a fence panel. Could have been worse! I’m not sure who the gentleman in the photograph is, but he’s a full size statue standing proud on a wall. We couldn’t figure out who he was, but he’s very impressive looking. I had great fun playing with the festival orchestra. The nyckelharpa showed her amazing qualities yet again by managing to be heard above the orchestra, she really is an incredible instrument!  We met lots of wonderful new friends and had a really great time.shoes

Jonny shoes managed to finally give up the ghost and so once we got to Totnes we had to go shoe shopping. The old shoes were ceremoniously dumped in a bin outside Habertonford Church. Wednesday was also the broadcast of the European Nyckelharpa Orchestra radio programme. Although we couldn’t listen live we announced it from the stage, not that anyone in the audience could listen live either. We’ve since heard it and was fun to listen to Vicki’s piece being played again and the interview – although it was dubbed into German, so we can only really imagine what was said. (The usual ramble!)

The end of the tour is rapidly approaching, after Corsham we head off to the Nyckelharpas at Halsway weekend. There are six nyckelharpas stashed away in a secret cupboard. Two have been sent over by the amazing Olle Plahn. They’ve been waiting patiently for a week now at Halsway to be unwrapped and checked over. We are hoping that they’ve made it over here in one piece. <crossed fingers>.

Our final update will be soon. (Maybe I’ll get Jonny to write the last blog post of the tour!)
Vicki & Jonny

Day Ten on our South West Tour

It’s day 10 and it’s been lovely to spend a few days in the same space. After finishing our troll slaying with seriouskitchen we headed on down south to The Penzance Folk Club. The Admiral Benbow is the most amazing pub and venue! There are lots of things that have been rescued from the grip of the sea by a diver and are dotted around all over. From there we headed up to a full house at The Bideford Folk Club and then across east tothe Baring-Gould Folk Weekend. The promised storm didn’t seem to blow so hard down here and we couldn’t see too much damage. We played conkers, but my conker didn’t last the first match, although did take rather a long time to finally be pinged off it’s string.  One highlight of our time here in Okehampton was to play with the orchestra. There are movies, but they’re still on the camera, so that’s for a different blog.

On Wednesday night at 10:05 German time the ENCORE concert is being broadcast on German Radio. You can listen on the internet, so here’s the link for you! You should hear my piece being performed (but I’m not 100% sure which pieces are in the broadcast). You might hear my interview, but it’ll be dubbed into German if it’s included!

In the meantime here is a little video we took at Wiveliscombe Church. Jonny was given permission to fire up the organ, so we videoed Red House. It’s an on the road performance, not perfect, but we had fun playing with the organ!

Vicki & Jonny

Day Four on the South West Tour

We’ve been on the road for four days now. Three nights of troll slaying with seriouskitchen. You can see our first tour diary on the SK website. We’re headed further south now, off to Penzance Folk Club tomorrow evening and then gradually work our way back north again finishing the tour at Halsway Manor at the start of November. Wiveliscombe was in a lovely church with some lovely artwork as a backdrop. A wonderful church was to one side and Jonny, who was missing his spinet decided to have a good old play. Some video was taken, so once we manage to get enough internet, we’ll add it to the Ancient Technology Centre movies.


We dropped off four nyckelharpas at Halsway Manor ready for the course next week and left them gently snoring in the storage cupboard. We’re hoping that they’ll have multiplied when we get back!


We drove down over the moors today to reach Liskeard. A very scenic route. One cow was obviously ready to donate his horns to Jonny as he wouldn’t get off the road. Pawing at the road we gently drove round him off road. Maybe not cow-horn musical instrument material.

The weather has been incredible. RAIN! We have never been so wet in our lives! We’re hoping it’ll dry out soon.

So where will you find us over the next two weeks?

23.10.13 – Penzance Folk Club, Cornwall
24.10.13 – Bideford Folk Club, Bideford
25 – 27.10.13 – Baring Gould Folk Weekend, Okehampton
30.10.13 – Dartmouth Inn, Totnes
31.10.13 – Acoustic Oak, Corsham, Wilts
01 – 03.11.13 – Nyckelharpa Course at Halsway Manor

Vicki & Jonny


Gig in Totnes

Here are the details of our gig in Totnes:

Wednesday 30th October
Upstairs at the Dartmouth Inn
01803 863252


£8 non performers £7 performers.
It’s not part of the main folk club so it would be great to see lots of people there. Come along!
Vicki & Jonny

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